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Infantile Amnesia!!

By July 23, 2018 No Comments
A term not many of us have heard, but a term we all will understand. It refers to the difficulty or inability for an adult to recall memories, detailed memories of their childhood. Typically, most all adults have no recollection of events prior to 2 years of age, and many have no recollection up until about 4-6 years of age.

Science has two main conflicting theories!

Some scientists suggest memories as a child are not lost, they are merely stored in the brain in a form unable to express. There are others who suggest childhood memories are lost due to the fact the brain was not developed enough to store the memory.

Regardless, the idea and issue with Infantile Amnesia is very interesting.

It brings up a few questions:

Why do we remember specific events in detail, yet have no recollection of other events?

Those moments when a family member or friend asks you a question, ‘Do you remember when we did ‘This’ in Kindergarten? And you have no idea what they’re talking about!

What effect does an emotional event have on memory?

I remember in detail my mother crying when I was ‘very young’, I asked her ‘what’s wrong?’ The answer isn’t important here, but the memory of it is extremely detailed!

Statistically, children are twice as likely to recall a memory when a strong emotion is linked to it……positive or negative!

What happens to an adult if their childhood memories are not positive, even the ones they have no recollection of?

What impact would a Digital Memory jogger have on the memories of our childhood?

We all have photos and videos of our childhood, rarely do we remember the actual event, only the media event!

What if our childhood Digital Immortality was started at birth? Our day to day moments and growth recorded in detail by our parents, not simply a photograph, but actual descriptions and feelings shared and stored.  Day by day and step by step accounts all recorded and stored in our Life’s Journey!