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Upload photos, new and old, and give a description of what the photo is all about.

It’s your own ‘Digital Shoebox’ where you can share with Family & Friends.

Do you have old Photos that are not digital? Do you have old Family Movies that are not Digital?

Let MYndVault digitally restore all your old photos and movies and Vault them in your Vault. (additional fee applies)

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Posterity Magazine

 A personal message in Video you create to be given to loved ones in the future!

Titled and stored for a particular person or group to cherish forever.  Typically, this is a message you would want to share with a loved one to be viewed after your life is over! ‘A message to my son Matt’, ‘A message to all my grandkids’

You can password protect the Video and include the password in your Cornerstone!

A wonderful way to ensure your heartfelt feelings and wisdom will always be there for those intended!

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