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We all carry wallets or purses. Inside contains Credit Cards, Id Cards, Insurance Information, etc.  These items all have a digital application…User Names, Passwords, PIN’s, etc.

Have you ever thought….What If I lost these? How would I protect my identity? Who do I call to have cards canceled,  and so on?

The average person has as many as 20 Passwords to use for online accts. These passwords are often written down in binders, notepads or folded up papers we carry with us. Not the safest way to store!

Did you realize Passwords, User Names and PIN’s are not easily turned over to Executors of Estates? Our digital presence and associated user data is the property of the online company and will not be released to Heirs without significant paperwork and/or court orders.

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What's Included

With MY $-n-sense Vault, you can prevent all these risks and issues immediately. It’s a safe and secure Vault where all your digital information is stored!


All your Passwords, Usernames and PIN’s are easily stored securely.


All your Accounts, from bank to social media, are all safely and securely stored.


All Insurance information, LIFE, CASUALTY, HEALTH, PROPERTY easily stored.


Do you have a secret cookie jar or a Million Dollar Mattress?  All info goes here.

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All Information in your Vaults can be easily accessed by you throughout your life and your Heirs when the time comes. All stored SAFELY & SECURELY…Editable and retrievable ONLY by you.

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