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MYndVault uses the latest technology and the most secure platform in existence.

Our Digital Storage Vaults offer you peace of mind knowing your memories and valuable information will be secure forever!!


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Our Cloud Storage Service provided by Granite Cloud has real-time access to vital records stored safely in our Maximum Security Vault in the mountains.

Connect in a few easy steps.

End-to-end data encryption and safely stored in our cloud within the mountain.

No hidden fees and the amount of storage you need determines the price.


Granite Cloud offers simple, cost-effective cloud storage services with unparalleled security. You can focus on the storage of your sensitive and most valuable data while offloading the management of infrastructure and data protection to us.

Protect your personal sensitive data from:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Technology Failures
  • Insider Theft
  • Employee Negligence
  • Fires and Floods
  • Natural Disasters
  • and Other Threats


  • Security: The facility is protected by armed guards who utilize the latest in detection and intrusion technology.
  • Granite Mountain: The solid granite mountain in which the vault is encased should withstand any force known to man.
  • Earthquake SecurityThere is no other natural or man-made structure as secure against earthquakes as the unique geologic formation of the solid granite mountain in which our vault is located.
  • Non-Flammable Vault: The vault is encased in granite with a galvanized steel inner lining. It has cement floors, metal storage cabinets, tape racks and a steel mezzanine. It’s not a paper storage vault facility.
  •  Controlled Environment: The vault maintains a stable environment that is well within the American National Standards Institute guidelines for storage and sensitive records.
  • Self-Sustaining: The facility generates its own water supply and has three sources of electrical power including a sophisticated backup generator.
  • Controlled Access: All visitors are screened and pass through metal detectors before entering. Clients have access to their data at any time.
  • Fast: Your records are available for immediate retrieval and delivery. Records can be delivered anywhere in the country and picked up and delivered by our insured courier service.


The granite-encased data center ensures your data is protected from all types of disasters with increased security measures

  • Protection from natural and man-made disasters
  • Enhanced security
  • Remote location
  • Armed security personnel
  • Intrusion technology
  • Redundant: Security Systems, Communications, Power, Fiber Carriers, Firewalls, & Computers
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Granite Cloud’s maximum security, climate controlled and paper-free data center is located inside a solid granite mountain along Utah’s Wasatch Front. The vault exceeds rigid U.S. Department of Defense requirements for the proper protection of critical and classified records.

Unlike other cloud storage providers, Granite Cloud provides digital storage in a facility with the world’s highest level of protection and preservation. MYndVault  & Granite Cloud is a strategic business decision that helps protect you and your valuable and personal data!

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Granite Cloud is a simple, cost-effective cloud storage solution featuring enhanced enterprise-class protection. Unlike other cloud storage providers, Granite Cloud stores your data inside an impenetrable solid granite mountain vault.

Rest easy knowing your data is safely stored with one of the most secure facilities on earth. We’ll take care of every element of infrastructure management and protection of your data, giving you the peace of mind your most precious memories are safe!

Resiliency for Your Personal Data with Granite Cloud

  • Unparalleled Security
  • Cost Effective
  • Data Availability
  • Peace of Mind
  • White Glove Service

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