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MYndVault has 6 Digital Vaults and a Cornerstone for you to access and store your Memories Safely. Learn more about each individual vault below:

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My-$-n-sense Vault

Our modern world is a huge web of digital financial password-protected information. Too often, this information is lost in the event of an unexpected death. Families are left with the arduous task of retrieving this information, which many times requires counsel, time and undue stress!  MYndVault will take care of all these issues and leave you with peace of mind!

Peace of MYnd Vault

We never know when our life on this earth will end! MYndVault has storage vaults for all aspects of Estate Planning, From WILLS to FAMILY TRUSTS to END OF LIFE scenarios!  MYndVault has a qualified team of advisors and are available anytime for advice and help with setting up this important life step.

Letters, Life, & Lyrics Vault

Life stories and Journals have always been an important aspect of life. Recounting one’s day-to-day experiences and challenges add to the enjoyment of life.  With MYndVault you can document and VAULT daily life experiences in a simple PROPRIETARY format. You will have the peace of mind knowing those experiences will be saved for generations to come.

My Vision Vault

Imagine the possibilities of actually living your childhood dreams, having all the abundance and joy we can imagine. If there were no obstacles and you could live the life of your dreams, what would it look like?  What is on your bucket list? It’s time to live a bucket list life!!

Black & White to HD Vault

This Vault is for you to share photos with a description of what the photo really is about. Who took the photo? When?Where? What were the circumstances! Bring the Photo to life! What was it like in COLOR??…….Share this Vault with Family in your Digital Shoe Box!

For the Love Vault

There is nothing more important than family!! Important dates such as birthdays, graduation, weddings are always an important time to share our love and happiness with our loved ones.

What if… you were no longer alive to experience these important times?  What if… you could still express your love and happiness with those on important dates? Now you can.

Myndvault Cornerstone Icon

Set your Life in STONE!

Your CORNERSTONE is where you record your initial important information in the event of your death!

This is what your Personal Representative will receive from MYndVault upon proving their relationship to you and authority to act on your behalf.

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